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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Help us name our tiny elephant!!!
chris mens journal
If you're not from Columbus--and most of you aren't--then you probably haven't heard the news that we have a wee tiny new baby elephant at the zoo! He's very tiny (for now--he gains like a pound a day, I heard. I can relate!) and he's nameless!

But the zoo has announced the finalists for the name of the new baby elephant at the zoo:

Does he look like a:

Beco — (BEE-co) — This unique name combines that of the baby’s mother (Phoebe) and his father (Coco).

Damai (da-M’Y) — Translated from Indonesian this name means “peace”. The
Columbus Zoo is involved with several elephant conservation projects in Sumatra.

Sattva - (SLJI-IT-vah) — Translated from Sanskrit, this name means “purity or existence,“ In Hindu, individuals who are sattvic are believed to have a good memory supporting an old adage that an elephant never forgets. When you combine the name Sattva with that of his brother, Bodhi, you get Bodhisattva. In Mahayana Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is someone that uses his/her wisdom to bring others to enlightenment.

Siddhartha — (si-DAI-IR-tuh) — Translated from Sanskrit this name means “fulfillment”. “Sid” may be used for short.

You can vote for your favorite name from now until midnight on May 6th at the Columbus Zoo website. The name with the most votes will be announced during a ceremony at the zoo on Mother's Day (May 10th).

According to NBC4's website, the person who submitted the winning name will get these fantastic prizes:

Damn, Jack Hannah, I hope that last prize was a typo! I'm not sure there's much you can buy in the gift shop for a buck!

I'm sure it's supposed to be a $100 gift certificate