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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
spn_gossip is better than fic sometimes, I swear!!

I'm learning so much!!

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LMAO, I KNOW!! I'm over here reading all this and just going "OMG, NO WAY" and "ooooh, I soooo knew that!", LOL! SO MUCH FUN. ;D

All the stuff at the end of page 2...I'm boggling!!

You mean the Steve/Danneel stuff?

Do you have any clue if that has any basis, or is it just people's wacked out theories? Or do you just have no idea? Just curious, cause I'm totally nosy. ;)

Haha, I totally had the "eyes bugging out of my head" thing going on w/ the whole Jensen/Danneel/Riley/Joanna switcheroo thing. HOLY CRAP, THAT'S SO INCESTUOUS. But I did already know about the Voni and Steve thing, since one of my roommates at that EyeCon was good friends w/ Voni, and she kinda spilled the beans about that while we were there. God, I learned SO much that weekend that I wish I could forget (about staff and celebs alike), LOL! And I'm 99% positive that's why Steve wasn't at the last EyeCon, too. ;)

But oh yeah, that comm is like the best kind of crack EVER. It's sad, but it keeps me going when I'm bored, lol.

I haven't been over there in a couple days but it is like the best form of crack for me.

Hee! I know...it's total crack!

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