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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I *heart* Misha!!
chris mens journal
OK, OK, I know I said I was gonna stop squeeing about Misha, and I've *been* trying, but then something fabu comes up and I can't help it!

starrylizard posted some great pics of Misha from the Oz Con by mcalex22, and I can't decide which is my favorite:

Sincere Castiel face:

Awwww! If I had a question and he looked at me like that, I'd just pass out. So good thing I don't get up to ask questions!!

Or "No Photo Op Is Too Goofy!":

Hee!! Apparently, the story behind that is derry667 has a stuffed spider named Cuddles that she takes to cons and has the guests pose with. And Misha was all too pleased to do so! I hate spiders but that's hilarious!!

Hehe--now I'm picturing what would happen if faninohio took ACC to a con and had guests pose with it in photo ops! LOL!

And even if you're not a big Misha fan, check her journal out anyway, because she also has great pics of Jared and Jensen in her reports!

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Heh! Yeah, I'd like to see the reaction I get if I took the ACC to the photo ops!!! Man, I wish I had more guts. I totally would.

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