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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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As usual, Misha FTMFW!
chris mens journal
The interview in which Channel Ten figures out it's best to put someone between Jared and Misha:

I would have loved to see the wank fallout if they had put Misha in the middle, between Jared and Jensen. "OMG, he is coming between J2!!"

Some thoughts:

*Can we *please* at stop putting 100% of the blame for female characters on the fans??? Ok yeah, female characters haven't gone over with fans, but it's not JUST because they have breasts. I'm sick of reporters being all "SPN fans hate women." No, we hate shitty characters. I mean, I hate the Ghostfacers just as much as I hate Nu!Ruby, so there ya go--last time I checked, neither of the Ghostfacers had breasts.

*But...the interview is totally saved by Misha's crack about stolen White House stationary, and wanting Castiel to end up in the White House! Hee! That Misha...he's so damn quick with the quips!

*Jensen, Jensen, Jensen....quick backtracking. You guys all said you didn't want a season six, stop acting like you didn't. It's *OK*. If five seasons is all it takes to tell the story, that's all it takes. And then we can get to the Castiel spinoff. You said it, don't apologize for it!

*Jared, just keep being giggly at Misha. It's the way I like you best.

ETA: According to people who seem to be in the know at TWoP, there is a part 2 or extended version of this interview, which will only be available online. It should be up by the end of tomorrow.