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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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That was a long day....
So, I didn't get out of Stanley's vet appointment until almost 8PM. So it took 4 hours.

The good thing is, the vet thinks Stanley's skin infection is getting better. I have to go back to putting the serum on his skin, but this time only on his left foot, and under his tail (that's new since the last time, but it was where all this started, and she noticed some crusty skin, so it looks like there is some bacteria there--I noticed some of his hair has fallen out under there and I've busted him a couple of times doing that butt scoot across the floor.)

But...as the skin is clearing up, its making way for his allergies to now resurface, and he's been scratching a lot. She said she could see where he was scratching his face, but some of that is because Scottie's LOVE to rub their faces on the ground, and I have berber carpet so that can't be good for his skin.

So....now I have to go back next month again, and leave him there all day because they're going to redo the 256 allergy panel, except instead of testing his blood, they'll do it on his skin. So that means they are going to prick all 256 allergies into him, and see what happens. Last time he had that test, it was $400. So I can't imagine it'll be any cheaper at Ohio State. *sigh*

Then, they're going to try to redevelop a year's worth of allergy serum for him, so we'll be back to giving him the allergy shots, so there's probably another $400(since it was about $200 last time for 6 months worth.)

I'm really going to try to not dip into the money I have in my savings account because that was for Vancouver, but shit...that trip is 4 months away, and I have no idea how I'm gonna afford it if these bills are what I think they will be.

But, the plus side is, today's visit was only $175, and I can start to wean Stanley off the prescription dog food and he can go back on his old dog food as long as it doesn't cause any allergic reaction.

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Im sorry about your doggies allergies, My mom dog has similar issues, but not as bad, he had terrible ear issues...I hope this is finally gonna be resolved for you and Stanley!

Hope that makes you smile a little bit today!

Aww, thankies! And I love goofy Misha! LOL!

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