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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Jensen--did this past weekend teach you nothing?
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Jared and Misha are SO plotting something behind Jensen's back! Look at their faces! LOL! And Jensen doesn't even have a clue, just getting his pose on!! Guess he didn't pick up on the fact that he shouldn't turn his back on these two when they are together!

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LOL what paper is that?

The tag/label is cracking me up.

Oh, and yeah. Jensen is all "don't hate me cos I'm beautiful. I R a SRS ACTOR too" and they're both seconds away from giving him a wedgie or picking him up and throwing him in a pool.

Heheh--I think Misha and Jared are like "ZOMG WE ARE SO PANTSING HIM IN LIKE 2 SECONDS!!" LOL!

Poor Jensen...he's gonna have a long 5th season with these two thick as thieves on the set!

OTOH perhaps Jared is going "oh my man is so great!!!!" and Misha is going "muahahaha, I shall DESTROY THEIR BUBBLE OF HAPPINESS."

That is still cracking me up...

Hahahaha.. look at those faces!! If I were Jensen, I would be VERY worried >.<

God, I love those two.

LOL, I'm just loving that the picture is of the 3 of them, and is only talking to/about Jensen. LMAO He so pretty.

But Jared and mostly Misha are cracking me up.

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