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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Go. Read. This.
chris hug
I don't rec fic a whole lot, just because I am pretty sure the things I like aren't the things everyone else likes. So when I do rec a fic, it's because I think it's so damn good that everyone needs to read it.

So seriously--go read this:

Push, Pull, Stay by laceymcbain.

It's Dean and Castiel gen fic. Takes place during the hospital scenes in On the Head of a Pin, and it's frakking fantastic. She slips little things in there, like Cas's revelation to Dean about how Sam saved them both, and even a great explaination about why Castiel gets his ass kicked all the time.

But seriously--do me a favor, and read it.

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Thanks for the rec! I really enjoyed that one. :)

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