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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris hug
I went ahead and deleted pada_mished. The other community had about three times as many members in a day, and people on my friends list had joined it over mine (you traitors! LOL!) So, there was really no point.

Oh well...another in my long line of failed communities! I'm also going to delete spn_creationcon because there's no point to it, I don't think, since every con ends up with it's own community anyway. But I'll give that one more of a heads up, since people do still post there looking for tickets and stuff.

I just have to remember that I suck at starting communities!

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The Vancouver one is good...and I'm sure will be even better once we start getting closer!

We need a layout over there, and now that we're down to about 4 months, I guess we need to get more active over there.

Know anyone who can make a layout, and how to use it?

I sure do! :) Let me see what I can do!


I guess I gotta look for the other comm now *pouts*

*pat pat*

Aww...well, the other one seemed destined to get more traffic--it had layouts and all that jazz.

It's jaredmisha if you want to join over there.

But I appreciate the 16 people who *did* join my community! *hugs*

But now you can snark at the other comm to your heart's content, knowing you have no modly duty to set a good example!

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