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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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These two....
chris mens journal

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Jared is so adorable in his beanie and with his beard!!

And Misha! Hahah--"If you enjoy stories about children putting on clothes, you'll like it." LOL!

Now, I got more out of the poem than that!

This is great. They sure do laugh a lot together don't they? ^_^

They do! I swear, I could watch the two of them laughing together all day!

Do you think they had Misha there to keep Jared Tame? ;)

After the way Jared and Misha were acting on stage together? I doubt it. Jared gets a crazy idea in his head, and Misha just encourages it. And vice versa!

Maybe this is why Sam and Castiel don't ever have many scenes together--the crew simply aren't prepared to deal with what happens if Misha and Jared are allowed to run around unchecked.

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