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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I need to be immediately alerted....
chris smile
When the video of Jared crashing Misha's panel becomes available.

Because I honestly think the only way I can now watch Jared is if he's interacting with Misha.


I'm also cracking up at people being confused because everyone suddenly likes Misha. Dude, HE IS AWESOME! No other explanation is needed!

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(Deleted comment)
Now, I haven't replaced Jared. He's just so much more sparkly when Misha is around.

And he is NOT SHORT!! LOL!

Awww, cut 'em some slack. :) It was just last month that you jumped on the Misha is awesome train, even though Rachel and I had been telling you since day one. ;)

Sometimes it just takes someone bending Jared over for people to see it. hahaha

Haha--I wasn't confused before that other people liked Misha though! LOL! I just didn't think he was *hot* until ep 16.

Besides, ya'll weren't telling me the fun stuff, like White House intern, builds houses, founded a map club, likes South Park, has threeways and all that! I would have been on the train sooner if ya'll had been pointing that out to me!!

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