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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Tee-hee! I am spamming! Watch me not care!!!
chris smile
Again, from agt_bush

I am captioning this one as such:
Misha: So, um, yeah...here's the papers and all. Jared says it'd be cool if you could be moved out on the 15th and all, and just leave the keys on that table by the door. And I know there's that shit about the making sure there are no nail holes in the wall of your room and stuff, but don't worry about it cause I'm gonna repaint anyway, so you can just leave it as is...

Or alternately:

Misha: So, um, Jared wanted me to give you this. It's your pink slip. Dude, I think Jared just canned your ass.

Haha--I kid!

But come on....look at this!

larger size

Come on--Misha laughing his ass off at Jared, Jared peeking out at him from behind the t-shirt...I seriously had my doubts as to if these two would even get along outside of that stilted "I am polite to my co-workers" thing, but dammit they do and it's just so fucking adorable!

ETA: Whoops--sorry! Didn't mean to post the ginormous versions--I copied the wrong URLs! Fixed!

ETA again: And the auction, courtesy of darksilvercat! More Misha/Jared awesomeness!

Another version of the auction--it's taken from further back, so it might be easier to see:

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(Deleted comment)
Hee! I think it's because Misha seems to be pretty goofy and carefree himself, and Jared is totally amused by that.

They're totally adorable together! I can't wait to hear more--they're all three supposed to be doing a talk show today so I hope it's all explody with their bromance!

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