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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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What can Misha cook you?
chris hug
Misha said at the con one of his hidden talents was the ability to make a decent meal out of a nearly empty fridge.

Hahah--oh yeah? Then step up to the challenge, Misha! My fridge currently contains:

-a quart of skim milk
-a bag of shortcut carrots
-some nearly dried out mushrooms
-some sugar free banana fudge supreme pudding
-two containers of fat free yogurt (banana creme pie and cinnamon roll)
-a bag of very veggie salad
-salad dressing

And no, making a salad doesn't count Misha. So have at it! LOL!

What could Misha cook out of *your* fridge??

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Hmmm...leftover pizza, Coke, Diet Mt. Dew and some condiments. Good luck, Misha.

Hee! Now I totally want Misha to go on Chopped!

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