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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Oh Misha....
chris hug
Bwhahah--according to the tweets, Misha getting up close and personal with his own balls in Nip/Tuck gave him a new perspective on them. They are like a mini mountain range, he says!

Bwhahahah--OMG, I hope he doesn't change by the time I get to see him at a con!!

ETA: Bwhahahah again! He said Jared had pec implants for his shirtless scenes, so Jared crashed his Q&A and pretended to punch him out! LOL!

Seriously--I want a Jared/Jensen/Misha Q&A session in Vancouver! Well, just a Jared/Misha one...people said Jared was busting Misha's chops at the cocktail party with some wicked impressions of him, and that they were goofing around together at the autograph session. I wasn't sure if they'd get along, but it sounds like Misha and Jared get along famously!

Sorry guys, but Jared & Misha might be my new OTP Bromance! If Jensen moves out of the house, Misha can just move in! :D

ETA again: Awww...Misha admires Jared and Jensen, his brother and kate winslet.

I gotta love a man who loves Kate!

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so Jared crashed his Q&A and pretended to punch him out!

Hah! I hope someone got a good picture of that.

Jared and Misha are so cute!!!! Jensen probably couldn't participate in the fun because Danneel would get upset.

*snerk* OMG Amy, I totally love you for this comment. ;)

HAHAHHAHA It's probably true! ;)

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