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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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From the early Tweets from OzCon....
chris mens journal
*Jensen is sitting in photo ops so he's not snuggling up on anyone, is scruffy, is wearing a vest(white t-shirt, grey vest, ripped jeans for those who *need* to know! LOL!)

*Misha is very cute, very charming, very huggy, and smells fantastic. Trying to get a breakfast/lunch in of cold pizza.

*Jared is scruffy as well, so I guess they didn't get back from the zoo in time to shave. He greeted all the folks waiting in line for his photo ops.

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I'm hoping people will start posting pictures soon. And I kind of like that they didn't shave.

I'm labeling / renaming things that I have bookmarked and I was wondering if you could please tell me which Con these pictures come from. Thank you.

I believe those are the breakfast photos from Chicago 2008.

No problem! I totally forgot those were there, so I had to go back through them and squee. Especially my fave part--the second he walks in the door, who is Jared looking at? MEEEEEEE!! LOL!

Of course, it might have been more exciting for him if I didn't look like total ass because I'd just spent the night in the hallway in line for breakfast! Thank goodness I had time to run back upstairs and put on better clothes and makeup before the photo op! LOL!

Hehe--I thought it was funny because there were several times where he was looking *right* at me and my camera, like here.

I figure he was thinking, "Holy cow, that girl looks like she has been sitting up awake in a hallway all nite." Because I totally had! LOL! I'm glad Creation came up with a better plan for next year, although our table for the next Chicago Con won't nearly be as good. I think we're farther back.

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