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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Hahah--so they went places besides the Sunglass Hut
chris mens journal
According to this, a fan (from Vancouver, I guess! What are the odds?) was vacationing in Sydney and went to the zoo and ran into Jensen, Jared, and Danneel. She's got a pic of her and Jared--Jensen was hanging out with Danneel so she didn't want to bother them.

See, now *that* is the stuff I'd be doing. If I were in Sydney, I'd be supremely irritating with the "Must. Go. See. Koala. Bears. NOW!!" until someone took me to the zoo to see them.

ETA: And wow, I didn't realize *how much* scruff Jared was sporting until I saw the pic supersized. Yeah, I hope he shaves for ya'll Aussies, cause that's veering off the "hotly scruffy" path and over onto the "Yo, Unibomber!" path!

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I love it so much that they went to the zoo! And I looooove Scruffy Jared so much!! I would kill to have a photo op with him where he's all shaggy and scruffy!

Yeah, I'm not feeling scary, scruffy Jared. I think he looks terrible truth be told.

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