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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Just call me Travelocity.....
chris mens journal
_sin_attract, I got our hotel reservation made for the benefit concert. I just made it for the Saturday night (the 30th) with two double beds. It's $89 a nite plus tax and all that, so I'm guessing it'll be about $50 each. That's the cheapest our hotel has been in a long time! LOL!

Also, do you and isisfrog have any idea when you guys will be in Vancouver for the con? Because I'm gonna try to book my flight ASAP, as it looks like a fare sale is going on right now, and the days that you guys aren't there, I'm gonna stay in ames1010's room, so I can't make the hotel reservations this time. Also, I think ames1010 is trying to figure out what to do on the non-con days, because stuff like the whale watching trip and all that needs to be reserved in advance. So as soon as ya'll know, let me know! I'm probably going to be there from Wednesday the 26th and leaving Thursday Sept 3rd.

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Hooray! I wish all our hotel stays together were $50 each. That's awesome. And I'll chip in for gas for you car too and can help drive some if the traffic up there isn't too insane. We have the same car so that'll be easy for me to drive :P

I have NO clue about Vancouver yet. I'm thinking get in Thursday and leave Tuesday? I dunno haha I need to start investigating that myself. So I'll check what flights look like leaving from Richmond or DC and try to get back to you this week. I need to start looking at DC to Rome too!

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