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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*is sad* GO VOTE!!
chris mens journal
With only 25 minutes to go, Misha and Jared are both losing in the poll I posted here. If you haven't voted, GO VOTE!

For Misha and Jared, of course. Jensen is doing fine in his poll.

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Did they lose? I think they lost.

Yeah, they both lost:

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Jensen Ackles
1960 (63.6%)

Neil Patrick Harris
1124 (36.4%)

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Jared Padalecki
1665 (48.3%)

Robert Downey Jr
1781 (51.7%)

Poll #1383816
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All

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Misha Collins
1516 (49.4%)

Leighton Meester
1553 (50.6%)


I wonder what the voting would be like if they took out the fake LJs.

I dunno--I mean, when it's *that* close, they really should throw them out, but the girl's just doing it for fun so I wouldn't expect her to mess around with it.

I mean, I love Leighton, but people keep forgetting there were other parts to the polls besides "hot". I mean, I think we can safely say Misha would trump her in the smarts department! LOL!

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