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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
ames1010, you'll be glad to know that my dad called me just now to remind me to file my taxes. LOL!

For those who are all, "Huh?", last nite at like 10PM while chatting with Amy on YIM, I realized I hadn't filed my state taxes. So I did that online while chatting, and commented to Amy that seeing as my dad works for the Ohio Department of Taxation, maybe he could have reminded me sooner. Sooner than the morning of the 15th anyway!! LOL!

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Dude!!! It's about freaking time!!! LOL :D

Heheh--and he called me about it at work! When the caller ID popped up on my work phone, I was all, "Whose calling me from that area code?" And of course, it was my dad on his cell, all, "Did you remember to file your taxes, or do I need to add an extension?"

Sheesh, *one* time you owe back city taxes because you didn't know you had to file them and people never let you forget it! LOL!

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