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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Keep Voting!!
chris mens journal
Misha managed to defeat Sylar yesterday (OK, well, Zach Quinto, but he's Sylar, so...) and advanced to round three! Yay!

Jared and Jensen also advanced! Yay! And yes, I also voted for them again, although Jensen's round was a little tough, because he's up against James Franco, who I also think is awesome....but in the end I voted Jensen so that hopefully the Jensen fans will vote for Misha(whose name is still spelled wrong in the poll. *sigh*)

Jared's up against Dr. Who, and well...that was no contest! LOL!

I'm no dummy...I know the thing is gonna ultimately end up Jared vs Jensen like every other poll the two of them end up on, but I'd be delighted if Misha could sneak in there and nab third place!