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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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The LA Photo Ops are up...
chris mens journal
If you need to claim yours go here.

And, man, Misha is a *hugger* He's hugging in 90% of the pics. *sigh* That scares me. I totally need to start getting my ass up at 4am and hauling myself down to the workout room and busting my ass. And stop eating!

On the lighter side, the picture of Misha trying to bite that baby's foot is adorable. It might kinda trump Jared and his "Hey Baby" if I'm honest! LOL!

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I'm personally in love w/ the one where Jared and Jensen are kneeling on the ground w/ the little kid. It's just BEYOND CUTE!! <3333

But oh yes, that Misha one w/ the baby had me doing to flappy hands of GLEE as well, lol. I say I still like Jared's "Hey Baby!" moment a bit better, if only for the FACE he makes right after he hears the word "baby", the little shocked/happy face is just BEYOND precious! And then the "seize her" moment just totally cracks me up, LOL.

The baby Misha is nibbling on is Jared's "Hey Baby." She and her mom were sitting behind me at the panel.

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