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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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It's all about goodbyes....

YAY! Tyra got into UT!!!!

I've always thought it was kinda semi-unbelievable that more kids on this show didn't consider UT, talk about going there, etc. Especially people like Smash, who definitely would have been recruited harder by UT than just a simple letter of interest.

I mean, yeah, kinda unbelievable that she got in on wait list, but still, I'm glad she did!

And dude, I shouldn't go from crying at Matt and his grandma to lmao at the Riggins boys trying to haul a Longhorn home. Obviously, Tim isn't going to San Antonio. I was cracking up at his "What about the *me* time??"

And WTF isn't Buddy standing up to speak for Coach? Is it because he's part of the Boosters? If not that's kind assy that he didn't speak up for Coach, when Coach has stuck up for him a shitload of times.

And I am fucking *dying* at the Riggin's wedding getups. I mean, I get the band wearing them, but I don't get that Billy is dressed up like that! And Tim! LOL!

Whoa! I did not see that twist coming. East Dillon High is gonna happen? But it won't be the same without the Panthers. And Coach looks so good in blue! They better have blue and the school color of East Dillon too!

You know, Coach isn't happy...and I don't think I am either. Why in the fuck wouldn't they offer Wade the job at East Dillon, seeing as it's new and he could build his own team the way he wants? Stupid board!

Yay for Matt! "No." Although, I don't think Matt is gonna go to school in Chicago either, or if he does, he'll be back because of Grandma. If he goes--I could tell by the look on his face when Grandma talked about waking up and forgetting Matt.

I was right! Although...Matt should go to school. Just not Chicago.

Tim is so gonna flunk out and come back to Dillon. There, I said it.

Jesus, East Dillon High is a shithole! God, what a kick in the shins for Coach...

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Why in the fuck wouldn't they offer Wade the job at East Dillon, seeing as it's new and he could build his own team the way he wants? Stupid board!

Because JD McCoy doesn't live east of whatever street is the dividing line and Joe McCoy's money is running that board right now. Whatever he wants, he's going to get. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I FUCKING HATE THEM?????????

It's about time Billy stood up and "yelled" at Tim like that. You'll end up like your brother if you don't go to college.

Did her dress have wings??? Talk about red necks.

Matt and his Grandma always make me cry.

That's true, I forgot about the dividing line....although the Boosters have switched it around so much, who the hell knows who lives where anymore??

I do hope they don't try to turn it into a rivalry inside the Taylor house--you know, Tami's school vs. Eric's, etc.

I'm wondering if Tyra only applied to UT, or if everyone else turned her down. Which, that can't be the case, because if she was good enough to get wait listed at UT, she was good enough to get accepted somewhere smaller. When she was freaking out, I was thinking, "Jesus, Tyra Austin Community College will transfer their credits to UT if you have to go that route."

I still predict Tim flunking out, and coming back to Dillon. He needs his "me time"! LOL!

And yes, those were wings. Remember when she tried it on, she was showing asscrack, so yeah...the whole thing was Klassy...with a "k".

Edited at 2009-04-11 03:22 am (UTC)

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