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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*thumbs up*
chris mens journal
Sounds like Southland did pretty well last nite in the ratings and beat Harper's Island, according to Mediaweek :

NBC got a nice jolt of optimism at 10 p.m., with the debut if Southland at a dominant 6.9/12 share in the overnights. Comparably, that built by a hefty 53 percent from lead-in 30 Rock, while outdelivering former occupant ER in 14 out of the last 16 telecasts. The debut of Harper’s Island on CBS finished a close second, with a 6.7/12. But unlike Southland, which lost no audience at 10:30 p.m., Harper’s Island dipped by 14 percent (7.2/12 to 6.2/11). It also dropped from the second half of lead-in CSI (10.4/17) by a considerable 36 percent. And the season (or series) finale of Eleventh Hour one week earlier was stronger at a 7.2/12.

In a nutshell:
Southland (NBC): growth from both the lead-in and former occupant ER; no loss of audience at 10:30 p.m.

Harper’s Island (CBS): only 64 percent retention out of 9:30 p.m. portion of CSI; down seven percent from Eleventh Hour one week earlier; noticeable tune-out at 10:30 p.m.

The winner is: Southland.

That's pretty good, considering Hulu was streaming the Southland pilot for a week before it aired....and it wasn't like it was a secret, because a lot of the previews/commercials for it this past week specifically said to go to Hulu and watch it.

I don't think the ratings for Harper's Island are all that important, because it's a self contained show of 13 episodes, and it's not intended to go beyond that, or anything else. It'll air it's 13 eps, and then it'll be over. The only thing it's ratings might do is show that perhaps there is an audience for a contained run mystery series on TV, so it could lead to additional shows of that type on TV, but I dunno. And I don't think they'll pull the show before it airs all of it's eps, because like I said--it's kinda like a mini-series, with a definite starting and ending point. It's all filmed, so they might as well show it.

But Southland....those ratings *are* fairly important, because the show only got something like a 7 episode order as a try-out, I think. And the problem is, it's *clearly* a 10PM show....but since Jay Leno is going to be squatting on the 10PM hour every night next fall on NBC (so again then, what was the point of leaving the Tonight Show?) 10PM real estate on NBC just is not going to be happening.

So Southland is going to have to pull good numbers to win a slot on the schedule where it needs to be.

Although, if they can pull the show off at 9PM, I'd be perfectly happy if NBC dumped off stupid shit on Fridays like "Howie Do It", moved Friday Night Lights to 8PM (but not changing anything about that show either)and aired Southland at 9PM.