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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Oh hai Ryan Atwood!
chris hug
Dear Ben McKenzie,

Welcome back to my life. I kinda missed your face.


Seriously though...yeah, I know a lot of people on my friends list are watching Harper's Island because of the SPN connection, and I'm gonna watch it too (I'm TiVoing) but really...give Southland a try, ya'll. It's amazing.

ETA: Oops--I didn't TiVo Harper's Island! I TiVo'd Southland! No biggie though--my cable has CBS Primetime On Demand, so I'm sure it'll show up there in a couple of days.

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Damn, I knew there was something else on I wanted to watch too.

I watched Harper's Island because all the commercials were creepy as fuck!

AFAIK, they'll continue to have Southland available at Hulu. I'd actually already seen the pilot on there last week, but it was so good I wanted to watch it again.

Yeah, I just checked, and you can still watch the premiere here at Hulu, although it'll be taken down in about 7 hours.

What is Southland Tales like? I don't really like cop shows, so is it more character driven?

I looooved Harper's Island! Creepy and quirky and Jim was awesome!

It's just Southland (Southland Tales is a movie with SMG in it.)

It's...really gritty. It's not a procedure show like Law and Order or CSI. It is more character driven. Some of the cases supposedly won't get solved, although the ones tonite did. It toggles back and forth between the cops on the beat, and the detectives. Although I have heard with the exception of Ben and his partner, some of the other characters will only pop up occasionally, because they'll bring in different cops, different detectives, etc. So I guess most of the character driven stuff will be Ben and his partner.

I guess it's kinda like season one ER, with a few dashes of The Shield, The Wire, and maybe some Hill Street Blues thrown in for good measure.

I didn't like ER, The Shield, The Wire, or Hill Street Blues, so it doesn't sound like my kind of show. It sounds like something my dad would like though so I'll definitely have to recc it to him.

I loved ben!I had no idea that he was in another show-that's great

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