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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*flaps hands*
chris mens journal
OMG, you guys---andreas_ri posted some stills from episode 20, and....


I need this episode NOW! Episode 19 can go take a flying leap! I don't care what ep 19 is about, it is going to be my second most hated ep (after ep 9) because it's keeping me from this episode!!

And this one...

*sigh* I would love if that last one was Castiel, and not his vessel...but still, Misha with kids? Wheee!

Why aren't more of you spoiler ho's! I need someone to squee with!

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I am very thrilled about being able to see Misha act not as Castiel on SPN. I think Misha is a great actor but as Castiel he doesn't get a chance to show much range.

It will be interesting to see how--if any--the vessel is from Castiel. I mean, I do think he shows range as Castiel, but it's pretty subtle and it's usually just in the scenes with Dean. When Sam is present, or Uriel, he is always pretty much sticking to the role of emotionless angel.

But, now after the last couple of eps he's been in, I think he's starting to think for himself more, and we'll start to see more personality come out.

(Deleted comment)
Pfft--well, he might have been filling in for Rosenbaum, who needed the time off to get his Viagra refilled. LOL!

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