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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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OH FNL....
I knew it was coming, but....

Did you have to make it so god damn painful? It was like freakin' watching that Texas/Texas Tech game all over again.


But on the other hand, thanks for being realistic and having the balls to have the Panthers lose state. In the most heartbreaking way possible.

And Coach's speech? *sob*

And Riggins? *sob again* I can't tell you how much I have come to love Riggins this season. In the first season, I thought he was just a greasy haired punk and didn't see the big deal about him. In the second season, I kinda thought he was mostly used for unintentional ridiculous humor (Tim in a church?) But this season....this season was the season of the Rig. The character grew, and Taylor grew so much as an actor.

I haven't heard any talk that he's leaving next year, or that we won't continue to follow his story....I hope we still will!

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Taylor told me he's totally up for it if they want him back next season, so looking forward to lots more Riggins goodness :)

I was 3 episodes behind and finally caught up last night. Damn...it was Tyra's Mom's speech and Tyra's essay that had me bawling.

Tim has really stepped up as a boyfriend this year. I've always loved him since S1 when his went to the Coach's house to return the camera his Dad stole (after got in a bar fight)...that broke my heart!

I have to FF through all the JD family crap. I cannot stand those people.

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