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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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SPN spread in EW magazine
chris hug
In case you haven't heard, the SPN spread (4 pages, although two of them are a photo) is in this week's EW (the one which will be out today, with Jennifer Hudson on the cover.)

Scans of the article have been posted here by maichan, however, the last page of the article doesn contain spoilers. The rest of the article focuses on last nite's ep, so it's safe if you have seen 4.18.

So, for my spoiler free friends, I have despoilered the last page for you here. So if you want to read the final page without being spoiled, there ya go. :)

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thanks a lot for the head up!no chance for me here to have this magazine!

Thank you for the spoiler-free version!!

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