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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal

I was totally flailing at that scene of Dean and Cas outside the motel! Ack! Castiel!!! He's so awesome in this episode, what with the joking with Dean about Luke, and then leading Dean on the right path without interfering, and being so sly about it!

My cute little sly angel!!

ETA: And seriously, why can't we....

Get that chick playing Lillith to be a new Ruby! She was snarky, sexy, a decent actress, and had expressions!!

And this has nothing to do with SPN, but I need some Dr. Pepper Cherry, dammit! Does it come in diet? It does!! Where can I get it!!

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I did not like that actress at all! I really hope we don't get her back at all. She was like a bad version of Jaime Pressley.

Aww...well I love Jamie Pressley, so maybe that's why I like her.

But I thought she was very snarky, which is the kind of demon I prefer over just being flat.

Plus, I thought she had some decent chemistry with Jared. Like I was sort of maybe half wishing Sam would get it on with her!

I agree. That actress was grating on my last nerve.

I know you're like "Random person...." but I totally agree. I was like, that dental hygeinist chick could SO be the new Ruby. She's a little too old and SKINY, but she could do in a pinch.

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