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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Awwww......Jared story from LA con
chris mens journal
Kind of a sad story, I guess, from the LA con that was posted over at TWoP by kates1125:

Oh and I haven't seen this anywhere but when Jared was answering a question, a picture on the wall caught his attention and he looked at it for a minute and then the picture changed and of course it was Sandy. He looked away really quickly, looking sad for just a second. I felt so bad for him. I don't get why Creation left that picture in, she was only in 1 episode for 5 minutes and as much as I love Sandy (I really, really do!), her picture doesn't need to be there. I didn't see this part (my daughter and I were "awwing" to each other) but the girl next to me said that as soon as Jared looked away, Jensen patted his shoulder and said something like "it's ok". So much love for everyone, I swear.

Although, JDSampson doesn't remember Jensen being on stage at that point, per her description:

I heard this on the audio that someone put up but for the life of me I can't remember the question - I know it was kind of complex and maybe the person didn't speak English well so he couldn't really fake it - he was looking at the girl and on the wall behind her was this bigger than life photo of Sandy. Jared blanked, confessed to not catching the question (and I think the girl reacted as if it was her fault) so he pointed to the wall and said, Demon. . .up there. There was a. . . demon. . . he really floundered to find his place. It was sad.

I thought I remembered him being alone on stage and up to answer the story about Jensen question after which Jensen came on stage. Someone else remembers it this same way, but we could both be wrong -- it's too much for one brain.

Awww....just get back together already, dammit!!

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That sound you just heard??? Was my heart breaking all over again. Awwwwwww, JARED!! *snuggles him* :(

ETA : since this isn't locked, is it ok if I link to this? I know it's TOTALLY sad, but it really just proves how much he really did love her, to still be upset by it almost a year later. It's ok if you say no, just thought I'd ask.

Edited at 2009-04-03 02:14 am (UTC)

Jensen was on stage when it happened.

Jensen had been making silly comments as pictures appeared. He yelped when the vampire showed up, etc.

Jared did kind of stop. I looked up and saw Sandy and, like you, wondered why they still had her in rotation. I didn't see Jensen comfort Jared, but then again, I was sitting there staring in horror as I realized that Jared had probably stopped because of the picture.

It wasn't a big thing though. I'm not even sure if people in the back of the room saw the pix or knew what was going on.

Thank you for the story.
I am heartbroken.
awww Jared..

Aw. This is so very sad...;(

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