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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Spoilers Ahoy!
chris mens journal
The descriptions for the last three SPN eps came out, and dammit you guys...I want episode 20 NOW NOW NOW!!

Episode 20 - The Rapture
The paths of Heaven and Hell cross yet again when Lilith decides to torment Castiel by possessing the daughter of the man he's possessing and afflicting his host with mental and emotional turmoil.

Episode 21 - When the Levee Breaks
Castiel, in a last ditch effort to save Sam from himself, takes him on a spiritual journey deep into his soul. However, the intensity of the situation may very well push Sam to the very breaking point Castiel is trying to save him from.

Episode 22 - Lucifer Rising
The Apocalypse is on the horizon. Sam and Dean find themselves battling Lilith in hopes to prevent her from breaking the final Seal that will permit Lucifer to rise. However, Samael's temptation may be too great for one brother to resist.

DUDE! We are getting two things in the last three eps that make me twirl like crazy! I thought we'd just be getting a short glimpse of Castiel's backstory, but a whole episode peppered with it??? Whee! Plus, a whole episode primarily driven by Castiel's story, ala On The Head of a Pin? Oh, people will be bitching, but just be knowing that I'll probably be loving it!

The only thing that scares me is, well...I was totally anticipating episode 9 too because it was gonna be Jared's time to shine, and it ended up being a terrible episode in general because none of it made sense, and it was all about Saint Ruby.

And then, in ep 21, maybe we'll get what I was hoping to get in ep 9 and didn't get (a Sam ep about Sam, not about Ruby!) Plus, it's gonna be Sam and Castiel, an interaction which has been sorely lacking, and it's making me kinda sad for Jared that all his side story has been spent with a terrible actress (which, obviously he doesn't mind, and he probably thinks she's the most super bestest actress ever, but the boringness of her acting is a huge reason that I have become bored with Sam) so it's gonna be good (for ME!!) to see Sam and Castiel doing something together.

And I wouldn't read too much into Ruby not being in these spoilers because I'm sure they're just leaving her out to build intrigue into the "Is she dead? Is she not dead? What's her twist?" drama before she swoops in and saves the day.

But I don't care, because episode 20--I needs it!

ETA: I hope these aren't April Fools Day jokes--if they are, I will cry and cry and then demand someone write fic based on these descriptions.

ETA Again: Now people are saying Buddy TV is saying these are bogus and was an April Fools Day joke. *cries* But I dunno--episode 20 definitely sounds like some stuff Misha's been dropping in interviews, so I still hope that one is real.