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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
So, it took me until 3AM (so I'm running on three hours sleep here) but I got Chuck Bass back up and running. I had to completely wipe him, which means I lost *everything*--the pics of the NKOTB concert I had on there, pics of my nephews, all my appointments, all my contacts, all my emails--but he's back up and running again. Maybe I need to change his name to Echo from Dollhouse, since he's had a clean mind wipe, except for retaining my gmail address as the address to push to the phone. LOL!


Still, I guess it was a learning experience--I now know more about navagating the Blackberry help forums than I ever wanted to!

In any case, I need to rebuild my address book. So if I had your contact into before--I mean, everything, name, address, cell number, all of that--if you could help me out by reposting your info here (comments are screened) then I can re-enter them and Chuck can begin life anew.

But other than causing Chuck to lose his mind (literally!) the new OS update is pretty cool. It added features that Chuck didn't have before--like you couldn't view or shoot video with him, and now you can!