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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I think it's over....
chris mens journal
Since I can not get anything to respond to Chuck or acknowledge his existance, I can't re-gain control of him. The device loader just spins trying to connect to him, but it can't.

So, now I don't know what to do, other than RIP Chuck Bass. Leave it to me to ruin a $300 phone in under a year.

*sigh* So obviously, I'm now cellphone-less, and will be for a while now. Since I'm not even remotely near my contract end or even an upgrade period, I don't know what to do.


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:( Sorry, that stinks

If it's been under a year, would the phone still be under factory warranty? I know a lot of them are good for a full year. I know that wouldn't help get your stuff back, but to at least replace the phone?

Or...get in touch with the factory makers and see what they think, so don't go to AT&T

It's not a problem with the phone itself--it's the software. There must be some application on my phone--maybe facebook or Twitter--that the new operating system upgrade doesn't like, and therefore it's erroring out and won't reinstall. However, it also doesn't tell you that until *after* it's already erased all the old stuff. *sigh*

I'm gonna try one last super scary option, and that's to completely wipe him clean, and then try to reinstall the OS like it was a brand new phone. Which still means I've lost my entire life, but I guess I'll have to rebuild....

Ohhh, well that REALLY stinks! There's no like...flashback option haha to get back to how it was before the upgrade?

Sorry! :(

Yeah, normally you could plug it into your computer and restore the old system from the desktop manager....but since my desktop manager is refusing to acknowledge the blackberry, I can't do that.

I don't even know at this point if what I'm doing will work, but I guess I can't be any worse off than I already am.

Oh, well grrr. haha

Well...um...good luck!

(Deleted comment)
Well, with Blackberrys, the software updates aren't from AT&T (or whoever your service provider is.) They come from Research In Motion,which is the company that invented and manufactures the Blackberry. So unless you purchased your phone through RIM (unlikely, unless you wanted to pay full retail price), the service provider kinda is less than inclined to give a hoot if the software messes up the phone.

I got it fixed--I had to wipe him completely, but I got it fixed.

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