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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Should I cry, scream, tear my hair out.....
chris mens journal
Switch to an i-Phone, or all of the above?

Seriously, it took two hours and both my desktop and laptop to install the new firmware to Chuck Bass....and now I fear he is dead.

Not as in dead battery. As in, dead. Won't start, blank screen, not functioning. Just a white screen.

*sobs* I can't live without Chuck. I use him to surf the net while sitting in traffic, while stuck in offices and boring meetings. I can't function without him.

And I'd take him to an AT&T store, but I think all I'll find there are a bunch of dumb fucks who only know how to sell phones, not fix him.

*sobs* Come back, Chuck Bass! I neeedddd you!

ETA: Dude, he's really fucked. I mean, he's completely wiped out. The entire operating system is gone, and my Blackberry desktop manager won't even acknowledge he exists, so I can't even restore him back to his previous state.

My *life* was on this phone. Emails, addresses, phone numbers, appointments.

I am so very fucked.