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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
And the funny Misha stories just keep on coming! I wanted dessert party stories, and here's a cute one from annkiri:

Misha: where are you from?
other girl from Texas: Fort Worth
Wendy: Dallas
Annkiri: Austin
Misha: So, you are all from Texas but waited to meet until you got to LA?
Wendy: Well no. We've met before in Texas.
Misha: But over Supernatural issues?
Annkiri's inner monologue: Well originally, yes...but now we're just good friends and hang out all the time.
Annkiri: Umm...well, now I sleep on her couch a lot. And we go see movies and hang out. Play with her dogs, you know.
Misha: *waving hand* Clearly there's more to this story here that's just not coming out.
Wendy and rest of table : *look on in awe as I single handedly convince Misha that Wendy and I are lesbian lovers*

Hehe--I wonder if he'll be amused that ames1010 and I meet and hang out over New Kids on the Block issues as well as Supernatural issues.

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I miss the Jared updates.


Hehe--well, everyone's covering Jared to death, and the Misha stories are so few and far between! So any Jared stories I'd pick will have already been repeated a million times!

Besides, Jared's not telling stories about turtle emotions! Come on, how can you argue with that?? LOL!

Edited at 2009-03-31 07:52 pm (UTC)

Ha! Well we totally outed ourselves to Richard over Donnie Wahlberg, so why not Misha, too!

Hee! We can introduce Misha to a whole other fandom to study! Plus this one has the added twist of 30 year old women breaking out the crimping irons and day glo leg warmers!!

Sadly, I am not the mentioned one from Fort Worth. Dammit. They could have picked me up! :(

Am also sad there are other Misha/SPN fans that I am not hanging out with IRL. (besides my Austinite mother)

Now I must come up with witty reparte to have with Misha should I ever encounter him.

I wonder if he'll be amused that [info]ames1010 and I meet and hang out over New Kids on the Block issues

NOOOOOO!!! Not you too. A fellow ZL fangirl/friend of mine is a huge NKOTB fan, so much so she's becoming a groupie.

(Deleted comment)
It ain't you. It's Angela. It's too funny. She's going on that NKOTB cruise and everything.

lol - this could be why Misha hinted at my friend and I being lesbians!

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