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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I picked this up from a comment (I want to say it was juice817) made on a con report. It's about the possibility of the guys continuing to do cons:

Someone told me Gary hasn't been able to sign them to anything in 2010, that Jensen told him they aren't sure they're going to do any more cons at all.

Hmmm....but they were apparently selling tickets to an LA 2010 con at the con, right? And then there's the Jersey con too....

I mean, if it pans out that way, I certainly wouldn't be surprised, because even if the cast is signed to six seasons, I don't know if the show will actually go that far, and would probably be over by spring of 2010. But then again, I didn't think Smallville would still be on past season 5, and here we are.... ;)

ETA: However, as long as the show is on, I can still see them doing cons. So they probably can eek out one more con after Vancouver and Chicago--so maybe LA 2010 (which would probably be about this same time, as the show is finishing up) would be the last one.

So in other words, get yourself to either Vancouver, Chicago, or LA next year, cause my guess is that'll be it, folks!!

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I was wondering if they were going to do cons in 2010. I can't afford tickets to LA right now and everything sells out so quick, lol.

That was me, yes. And yes, they were selling tickets to LA - they try to get you there, while the con rush is still overwhelming. They offer you upgrades to get either your same seats or even better ones for the same con the next year.

Yeah, that's what we did for Chicago--we bought our tickets for this November while we were at the con. We had good seats in the 4th row, and the lure of picking our own breakfast seats before tickets went on sale to the public--we couldn't resist that.

Can I ask, how did they assign tables at the breakfast for LA? Cause like I said, in Chicago we got to pick them and I think they randomly assigned them for the people who didn't buy at the con, but I'm wondering how they'll do them for Vancouver, so LA might be similar.

The ticket with the seat assignment said on it that they did it first come first serve, but it honestly seemed completely random. At the dessert party we just sat wherever we wanted, and ended up at a table with a woman who would not stop complaining about the fact that her row was AA and she was at a table with someone in row B for breakfast, and the table was in the back, too. The numbers were seriously just randomly put on the tables too - 6 was next to 23, and 17 was up front.

I hope they do more cons next year. I really want to do some more (other than Asylum this year) before the show ends and the guys stop doing them. (Though I thought they'd continue doing them for a while.) By the way, do you mind if I add you?

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