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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Misha....your mind is amusing...
chris mens journal
Can I just say I think this might be my fave Misha story from the con so far?

From jdsampson:

I'm here to tell you that Misha's brain works like no one else I know. When asked about pets, he launches into this tale of woe about how he's not good with pets and he has these two turtles and one turtle is named Drydraluxalow. Then he says he dreamed the name and woke up and knew that's what he had to name one of the turtles so he wrote it down, promptly forgot it then had to "refer to the text" to officially name the turtle.

But now he's sad because the turtles hate each other and "it's depressing because they only ever see each other. What am I going to do? I'm not going to mediate."

And we're all in the audience going....what???

*facepalm* Well, it's true--shit, it's not like turtles have much of a social circle!

I also want to know exactly *how* he knows the turtles hate each other, because when I was shopping for turtles for Anthony, they all looked pretty damn zen and expressionless.

Hee! See, Misha and I can never ever converse with each other, because it would just be discussions about things like turtle emotions. LOL!