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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
First off, I have to squee....


20.7 to be precise. And yeah, I know it's just a drop in the bucket, and I need to lose a zillion more, and trust me, you absolutely can not see the difference and all of my old clothes still fit the same, but I was pretty sure since last week I didn't lose anything that I wasn't going to be able to stay on track and lose 10lbs this month.

But I did! And I'd been slacking off on tracking my food because I hadn't lost anything last week, but somehow, I still eeked out 6.5 lbs this week. So yay!! That kinda re-energized me to refocus on being super strict about pointing and all of that.

Well, except I'll have to take one day off this weekend when we go out to dinner, but I think even then if I'm good and concentrate more on the veggies and less on cheese and stuff, I can make it work. And pay attention to portion size--it's easy to lose track when everything is in tiny fondue size portions.


* I took today off as a sick day, because staying up late scouring out reports of Misha's panels did not do my flu any favors (but the flu probably also helped with the weight loss, so yay!) This bug going around is serious business, and I hope none of you pick it up at the con. Because...blech!

*Stanley almost got beat up by a duck this morning when I let him outside. There's this duck couple that have been living in my backyard for a couple of years, and usually they ignore Stanley (although he's fascinated by them) but this year the boy duck is all "BACK OFF!" and chasing Stanley and being all 'roid ragey about it. It's kinda funny, cause Stanley doesn't know what to do. He could probably snap the duck in half with one bite, but he doesn't know that, I guess.

*I read this on the CW Boards--I guess Kenny is telling people he's done with Eyecons, because Creation is running him out of business:

I just got a message from a friend of mine who e-mailed Kenny, the director/promoter of the eyecons that bring the fans so close Supernatural. There's been rumors going around that there wasn't going to be another SN eyecon, and so when she e-mailed, this is what Kenny responded with:

Hey, I think Im finished with SPN EyeCons. Creation has too many scheduled for me to be able to make it work.

*eyeroll* Yeah, it's all Creation's fault. *sigh* But, it's for the best, I guess!

*And finally:

pic by thelackey
So pretty!

I think this might be where he first came out and saw how many people there were! He's stunned!

And also...

Something about coffee must compel Jared to make evil faces! LOL! *points to icon* See??

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Congratulations on the weight loss!

Thanks! I was pretty surprised, because it hasn't been a stellar month for me in terms of weight loss, so I didn't think I'd be able to stick to my goal of losing 10 lbs a month, but I did so I'm pretty happy.

I think next month, I'm gonna make it my goal to start building in some exercise, because I haven't really done that. But now that it's staying light past 6PM, I don't feel like the day is over by the time I get home from work. So maybe I can start finding the energy and time to work out when I get home from work.

20+ pounds is nothing to sniff at no matter what your goal is. Losing it slowly and steadily makes it that much more likely that you'll keep it off because you're learning good habits rather than depending on a quick fix. Congratulations!

Thanks! I was surprised, because I haven't really been feeling deprived, ya know? I still get to have stuff I like, and sneak in an occasional bit of actual chocolate (I mean, I still have dessert every day, but it's stuff like Weight Watchers ice cream bars, which lucky for me I'm weird and actually *prefer* fat free or low fat ice cream over the real stuff) so I don't feel like I'm going without.

I think it's just paying more attention to portion size and choosing healthy things like trying to make sure I have two green veggies with dinner, instead of pasta or potatoes. And not eating out at lunch I think has made a huge difference. So I think doing those things balances it out when I make the occasional splurge, like when I got a Shamrock Shake this month, or ate some M&M's at the movies.

I'm so happy for you hun!!!!

misha is so sweet and jared....well jared is jared lol

Thanks! Hopefully I can keep it up--I've been down this road before, and ended up falling off the wagon and putting back on all the weight I lost plus some, but I think having a specific goal in mind this time helps--I tried to set something realistic in a realistic time frame, so hopefully it'll work!

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be fat in my photo ops in Vancouver, just hopefully not *as* fat! LOL!

They both are adorable. Misha's so smart, I don't think I'll be able to say a word to him because I'm afraid I'll sound dumb! And Jared generally just makes me say stupid things anyway because he's so tall and pretty! LOL!

Dude! That's fucking awesome. Good on you.

Thanks! Hopefully I can keep it up! Easter and it's tempting Cadbury Eggs are coming up....

CONGRATS! That's great news about your weight loss! That's fantastic! I hope you get better soon! :P

Thanks! Like I said, you can't notice it looking at me or anything, but tiny steps, I guess.

I'll just have to keep telling myself "Misha is a tiny skinny boy. You don't want to look like a whale next to him" whenever I want to eat something bad for me.

10 pounds a month is a safe and realistic goal, Shan. I'm very proud of you. For exercise, are you going to do those walking tapes? Or have you considered something else?

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