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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris hug
Come on--where are all the Misha con stories at?? He has to have had a photo op or Q&A session or something by now!!! Heck, even stories from the dessert party last nite are acceptable.

Take pity on a poor, feverish sick girl who is now gonna have to go out in the 30 degree windy weather to get 7UP and crackers because she's single and doesn't have anyone to do it for her! Cough up the Misha stories, peeps! All I've found is one little mention, and a couple of pics! Meanwhile Jensen and Jared sneeze and there are 1500 posts about it!!

/is sick and cranky.

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Boo! I'll be in bed by then!!

I can't believe nobody even really posted any dessert party stories. The stories about him going around to the tables in Jersey were quite funny, and I was looking forward to hearing more, but nobody seems to be posting anything other than, "He was there." :(

I believe at some point Misha's quoted as saying:"I didn't eat dinner, because I thought I was going to come here and eat shit loads of dessert." (comment made last night. Clexmonkey)

I'm watching here for updates.

Yeah, I saw that one before--my last post was about that, but nobody else seemed to have any stories. :(

I love your icon, BTW--hee! Cas would make a perfect Power Puff character!

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