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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Oh noes!
chris mens journal
I read on another journal that apparently the Creation folks are busting quite a few people(more than normal, anyway) for videotaping the panels and stuff from the LA con. So that might mean less vids out there for those of us not there.

Now, Jensen and Jared's panels, I'm not so concerned about because people report every tiny detail about those. But I want to see Misha's panel and because it's on the same day as Jensen and Jared's, I have a feeling it'll just get brushed by in favor of squee about the boys.

So I was kinda counting on video! Boo!

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THIS is why I need to attend every con! Haha at the very least I can get audio!

Maybe because it's in LA? I mean, I remember reading that they were strict last spring in May for the LA one, but then at Chicago they weren't stopping people at all it seemed like.

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