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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
So the cootie illness that's been going around the office has finally settled on me. I feel awful--sore throat, and it feels like someone has beat me across the back repeatedly with a 2x4.

But, I'm still at work today. But if I don't start feeling better by lunchtime, I might go home. I don't wanna be sick next week and into next weekend. Because next weekend, we're going to The Melting Pot for dinner. I told Kelly today I didn't think we should go there for my birthday because I forgot how expensive it was, but she said not to worry about it, and she and my stepmom both wanted to go, and it's not like we'd go there any other time (unlike the places I usually have us go for my birthday, which are places we go to all the time.) So, that's what we're doing, I guess. But I still feel guilty, because it's so expensive!

I'm still mulling over last nite's SPN. I dunno--I didn't *hate* it, I just hate when shows really get ramping the storyline up, and then right in the middle of it drop in these standalone, funny eps with an ending that feels tacked on to make it seem like part of the mytharc. I have SO many questions after On The Head of a Pin, and then we get this ep that kind of addresses none of them. It frustrates me. I probably would have enjoyed it more had it been in the beginning or middle of the season, but we're ramping up to the end here. There's only 5 eps left, and I don't want to feel like the entire story of the mytharc is gonna be crammed into the last 4 eps and be all rushed and stuff. There are definitely storylines I want to see wrapped up and done with *this* season (Ruby, the seals, pretty much everything going on with Sam, Dean's manpain) and I don't want them to carry over to next season because they ran out of time on stand alone eps.

Mostly, I'm just anxious to get to ep 4.20, because from the bits about it that Misha's been dropping, that's the ep I'm most anticipating. Of course, I was also highly anticipating ep 4.9 to be all about Sam, and ended up with an episode that made me want to scratch my own eyes out, so maybe I shouldn't hype up 4.20 all that much. But I'm insanely curious about that and 4.21. So I feel like these filler eps are keeping me from the stuff I want to see, dammit!

Well, I'd better get back to work so that if I have to leave early, I'm not leaving a pile of work unfinished. But before I go, some pretty for today:

Photo by cypher_9

Ahh...I miss the days when Jared too used to show up at events sporting a giant belt buckle...

When is that Jared gonna come back? I kinda miss him.

ETA: Oh, and I hope people remember to bring back lots of good Misha stories and pictures from the con even though now he's on Sunday and all anyone will be thinking about is J2's appearance that day.

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I want to go to the Melting Pot, even though I'm a little confused at how it works!!

I think the easiest way to do it is to just get The Big Night Out, cause it's got everything. Then you just pick our what type of fondue cheese you want (it comes with bread, raw veggiest, etc), pick out a salad, and then you pick one of the three groupings of meats. Once you've done that, you pick out what kind of broth (I guess that would be the best way to describe it) that you want it cooked in, and they cook the meats tableside for you in these little boiling bots of flavored broth.

Then, you just pick out the dessert fondue, and you're done.

Awesome! I think I'll take Tim for his birthday. :)

Yeah, with that thing, it's geared toward two people, so the pricing is per couple. Usually runs between $80 and $90 per couple depending on what entree you choose.

You might not get a choice on the dessert fondue (it might just be the plain chocolate instead of some of the others they offer) but hell, chocolate is chocolate!

I'll let ya know for sure how it works after we've been there! :)

Damn, Jared was THIN back then, wasn't he? I can't wait for photos and stories from all the guests this weekend!!

He was. It's not my favorite look on him, but I always enjoyed the belt buckle. So I'm glad to see I can still continue that with Misha! LOL!

And I can't wait for the stories too! I'm also cracking up that everyone's all, "Oh, dude from Leverage is added!!" but to me, it's all, "Voodoo Tatum from FNL is added! Someone needs to ask him it was hard to be mean to #7!! And if he was ever afraid to act against the brilliant acting of Coach Taylor's hair!" LOL!

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