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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I'm sure I'll be in the minority, but I seriously thought that was a terribly boring episode of SPN, even if both guys looked really hot.

I mean, I started playing The Sims in the middle of it, and that was more exciting.

Like I said, I knew it would be a letdown after last week.

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You already know that I loved it, since we're talking right now. But I just have to say...Jared in that outfit was good! :D

But it was so fun!

I really liked it. And damn!!! Jensen Ackles is one GOOD LOOKING MAN.

I'm with you - I liked the fun. They both looked amazing!!!! They should wear those outfits more often. :D

Jensen was rocking the fuck out of that fitted suit. And you got Jared in short sleeves all night. You gotta love that.

I still love that they were in Ohio! I feel as though that is a shout out to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hell yeah! I love love loved it! Jared in short sleeves = happy me! Don't get me wrong, I was ogling Jensen, too!!

I'm sure when I watch it again, I'll like it more. I just need to not watch it right before I rewatched last week for like the billionth time!

Maybe this weekend, I'll be more in the mood to appreciate lightness and Jared's biceps. :)

But Jensen did look hot...I mean, the opening scene, I was totally double taking at him in that suit!

But after last week, I need more angst! They can't just drop it like that! I hate when they do that in a run on angst! That's one lesson Kripke needs to take from Joss!

Plus, no Castiel? Fail!

But you got Jared in SHORT SLEEVES AND ONE LAYER all night long!!! A month ago you'd have been all over that shit.

Dude, I saw F13. I've already seen Jared like that on a huge screen. It's old news now to see him like that! LOL!

Plus, it was a yellow polo. Hardly a tight T-shirt. Now, if he'd been dressing like Clay, I'd have been all over in.

Any hotness of short sleeves was canceled out by the ugly docker Chinos.

ETA: Also, your icon makes me sad. :( Considering what I just read. *cries*

Edited at 2009-03-27 02:21 am (UTC)

Who the hell is Clay?

Is Tyra leaving too?? Who will be left in Dillon?

Clay is Jared's character in F13. He of the tight tees and the jeans that makes Jared's ass look like you could bounce a nickle off of it.

Mmmmm.....those jeans....

And yes, Adrianne will be reduced to part time status next season(they did get picked up for two more seasons) and you know what that means. She'll be going the way of Smash and Jason. Part time=leaving.

I mean, at least Lyla is leaving too, thank God. But Tyra--her story has struggled, but I keep hoping they'll get her back on track, because I love the actress and I love the character.

What's the point if Smash and Tyra are gone?? Good riddance to Lyla...she has annoyed me since day 1.

Oh well. I still love it but it's not S1 awesome anymore.

It's still working for me...I mean, Season 1, nothing can top that. That was the single most perfect season of a show that's ever been on TV IMHO. And I do think maybe shedding characters is kind of the natural life progression the show does well.

I just wish they'd shed characters I find annoying--Buddy, JD's dad, JD's mom, Matt's mom--and stop shedding characters I like.

But they better keep Riggins!

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