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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Eyecon Cruise Update
chris mens journal
Just in case you didn't see the post by nodak_gal1:

Late yesterday I received an e-mail from Debbie, the cruise coordinator. She had spoken with Kenny and had been informed that the cruise has been officially cancelled. She said any of us still signed on for the cruise should be receiving a notice from him soon. She added that if we haven't heard from him within a few days, we should contact him. Just an FYI --

Frankly, I think all of us should get our deposits back even if we canceled, but I doubt that will happen. Or at the very least get a credit to use at the next land con perhaps.

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I saw that and kinda had to laugh a little. I mean, we ALL saw it coming (much like how a lot of us saw the cancellation of that charity con in Vancouver, too), but yet Kenny just really shot himself in the foot by INSISTING that the cruise would still go on and yet gave no updates. I mean, I'll defend him about some stuff, but yeah, this whole thing was handled very badly and I don't think there's ANYONE who's surprised by this "news".

What an ass. I don't even know what else to say. I think we should really get our deposits back since he's canceling the whole thing. Even if we could get a credit, I wouldn't attend his next land con.

It would be nice to get our money back - I never actually cancelled; I just didn't pay anymore!

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