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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*pokes* Is this thing on???
chris mens journal
LJ, why so quiet today?

After work yesterday, the day got much less crabby inducing. Funny how that works. I stopped over at Target to pick up my prescriptions that I meant to pick up Sunday and didn't. I also barely shopped,cause...I'm broke! LOL! Or at least I am trying to save money and not dip into my savings. Although, that's not going to happen this week, because I need to get Stanley's medicine refilled (and who knows how much that is)and get gas, and I haven't been to the grocery store in two weeks.

But, I did need to pick up a few things, but the good news is prescriptions aside, I only spent $15. That's probably the least I've *ever* spent in Target. I picked up some Boots Expert toner to go with my new skin care system. Have I mentioned I'm loving this Boots line? My skin looks awesome, and coming up on maybe a week before PMS hits, I've got one tiny breakout. And it doesn't even look like a zit...more like a bump that decided halfway through forming to just say, "Awww, screw it. I'm done."

So yeah, I love this skin care line so far.

Then I came home, scrounged up some dinner (BTW, I'm bummed that I didn't lose any weight this week, but it's my own fault because I haven't been logging my food as diligently, but I'm looking at it as at least I didn't gain anything) and then screwed around online.

ames1010 and I chatted on YIM, mostly about being sad that we both missed Jared circa 2007. *sigh* We want that Jared back, please. :(

We also chatted about how that other Vancouver con is now cancelled and/or postponed, and what that could mean for the Creation Vancouver convention. So we shall see how all of that shakes out, I guess.

Then we squeed about Misha a bit, and I gave her a link to a radio interview with Misha that I found funny, wherein among other things Misha says that when compared to Metallicar, his new Toyota Corolla doesn't seem quite as cool. LOL!

Speaking of Misha...and before I forget, here's a random little vid for today from Misha-Collins.net. Jared and Jensen aren't the only ones who have had to pull off the "I just got out of the shower" scene:

So...enjoy that, and visit that Misha site, cause it's totally the one stop shop for all his past movie and TV appearances!

*sigh* Is it 5PM yet? I'm ready to go home....

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Schedule in a YIM chat tomorrow night for Idol! :P haha oh what will Mr Wicked perform THIS time?

I hope that Creation will get at least a few of the guests that the Carnival had signed up - like Malik and Samantha (especially since this will be after Transformers 2 is released).

Sure thing! The President needs to stop messing with our TV schedule! LOL!

What's the theme this week? Hopefully, it'll be even more hilarious than country week. RPattz 2.0 might be a little distracted this week, what with Twilight coming out on DVD and all. He might have cut down his practice time so he can watch it repeatedly. LOL!

I think I had a dream about Jared last night, probably brought on by our chat, but it wasn't NEARLY as good as the one you had! LOL!!

Hee! Hey, it's not Misha's fault that he was enjoying talking to us! I thought Jared wasn't the jealous type! ;)

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