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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Because Mondays suck...
chris mens journal
And I'm crabby and I think I'm getting sick, so I need some pretty things to look at:

I remember how hard people bitched when they heard an ep would open just with Castiel, but I think it was an awesome opening.

I loved this shot for two reasons--Misha's profile, and the fact that Dean *instantly* picked up that something was wrong with Castiel. That he wasn't totally down with this plan.

Hee--his face is so open, I guess would be the word. It kills me. Also, his eyes--pretty! Must be a casting requirement on this show!

Hee--the "What you talkin 'bout, Willis?" face. And yet, still hot.

Again, eyes. This episode was like a love letter to close up shots, let me tell ya!

The bit about Uriel being funny...hee! Loved the delivery.

I love how the way he's looking down at their hands, considering

But then a simple "together" pulls him out

And he's furious with himself for considering siding with Anna. Great play of emotions on his face there.

Yeow, the intensity! It's hot!

The way he looks at Sam when Sam is all, "Check it, I can kill." *sigh* Sam, notice when an angel is looking at you in horror, please! Something ain't right!

One of the prettiest shots of the ep--Castiel feeling alone in the world because of his doubts.

Screencaps by oxoniensis

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I think we are in serious lack of Castiel-centric episodes.

.. and I fully approve of more post like this one ^_^

Yes, we definitely need more Castiel-centric eps! I mean, even with the giant plot holes, like the angel deaths by angels, or John apparently Houdini-ing himself off the rack to stroll out of Hell, I still loved the episode, because we got...*gasp*...character development and good acting.

So if we're gonna have eps that focus on someone outside of Dean and Sam, can we please have them focus on someone interesting played by someone who can act? Cause that would be awesomesauce.

Oh I agree!

I just wish I knew why did they go with Uriel killing the angels *sigh*

I did feel a little bad for Dean though. Not like he didn't feel guilty enough to add that he is the first broken seal. Poor thing.

Oh.. and Sam's drinking blood, daemon blood? o.O

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