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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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You know you want to!!
chris mens journal


Keep in mind though, a lot of the prompts have to do with the last ep, so if you haven't see it, steer clear. But, nobody is allowed to request/write spoiler based prompts, so if you've seen the last ep you'll be OK.

Also, I left two prompts over there...

1.Since he's starting to feel emotions and all....post 4.16 Castiel is having a tough time dealing with the idea that his brother has betrayed him. Dean can relate.

2.Castiel debates if he should tell Dean about what he witnessed Sam do to Alistar in 4.16, and/or Castiel confronts Sam about his escalating powers.

So if anyone wants to take a crack at those promps (or even take them and turn them into longer fics) be my guest!!