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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Might as well end the workday....
chris mens journal
The same way I started it!

screencap by ina_ami

*sigh* I love this scene so much. First of all, it was the first time all season I haven't laughed at or rolled my eyes at Dean's emo manpain tears. I *felt* for Dean, and dammit I'm more than OK with Castiel being his new sounding board from now on.

And, Castiel...*sigh*. Poor troubled angel. I love that he laid it all out for Dean, including that Uriel was the killer. I hope they readdress that common bond between Castiel and Dean again...basically what Dean has always feared (his brother's betrayal), Castiel is actually living.

And I think if nothing else, he and Dean *need* each other for each of them to get through the trials ahead. I know, I know, people don't wanna hear that Dean has replaced Sam with Castiel, and I don't think he has *totally*, but I think that going forth, Dean is gonna find that Castiel is a true ally for him in the way that maybe Sam can't be until he gets his head on straight (if ever.)

Now dammit, where is all the Castiel fic from last nite's ep!!