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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Its even more convoluted than I can imagine!!
chris mens journal
Dude, I simply can no longer keep up with the raging debate over at spn secrets about that Blind Item Ted Casablancas posted over at E!Online and if it's about Jared or not. It's like the world's most complicated soap opera.

I tried, I really did, but all I can gather from the thread is this:

*Everyone is anon, and either claims sources inside the set, or knows someone who does. Most people seem satified with the sources being legit even if unnamed.

*Jared's relationship with Sandy *was* real, but then he started being attracted/in love with Jensen and their engagement was a last ditch effort to cover it up, and they finally broke up.

*People are claiming inside set sources told them that Jared and Jensen had some HUGE EPIC personal blowup on set, which led to them either breaking up/Jensen spending nites over at a friends house instead of living with Jared/Jensen moving out of Jared's house or making other arrangements for next season. Depending on who you ask.

*Jared's relationship that he's talking about in the press isn't real, and his people told him he needed to find a girl and fast, and Gen is there, so they go out to be seen together. That Jared's not happy about being forced to pretend to be in love with Gen, even though they do get along OK. That this is why they arrive/leave places separately, and that even on Valentines Day when someone had spotted them out, Jared left without her and someone else picked her up, making it seem like they were just out to be spotted (although, since only one anon poster at Whose Dated Who saw them, they don't seem to be doing a very good job of being spotted, if that's the case.)

*Jared and Jensen recently made up, or came to a truce pact, or something, and that's why Jared signed on to Asylum, because now he can stand to be in the same room with Jensen again.

*Crew members on the set are telling people that the blind item is totally about Jared, although they can't confirm the part about Canadian marriage being part of the picture.

To quote one of my favorite Rock of Love girls: "What the French??"

I can't figure out if this is real, if it's false, if it's a case of people imagining,if it's just people wanting it to be true so bad they're hoping to wish it into reality, or they're all writing a giant round robin fan fic.

Now excuse me while my head explodes.

/goes back to pretty Castiel caps from last night for serenity.

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I know it's none of my business. I know they don't owe us an explanation. I KNOW that.

I would still kill to be an omniscient fly on the wall and know exactly what is going on in their lives.

Hahaha, totally second this. *nods*

At least we acknowledge our crazy. :)

I don't even know what to think about it. I'm like "WHUH?" I've been living in a dark cave for the past three months, though, so I've missed out on all the good gossip, news, and wank.

(Deleted comment)
LIES! Rosenbaum is totally in love with me. Has been for YEARS. God, he is such a PEST.

What's a blind item? I'm so lost.

A blind item is a piece of gossip that's reported in the gossip columns, except the writer doesn't name who it's about. And then people spec and guess to figure out who it's about.

This is a copy of the blind item in question.

Ah, I see. Thanks :D Not sure I believe it's Jared and Jensen but I wouldn't be opposed either.

That doesn't seem likely. It would imply that he was in a serious relationship with Jensen, THEN faked the engagement, THEN faked the current relationship. Surely they simply don't go back that far?

I suppose "gangly" is the clue. Who else is gorgeous and gangly?

It sounds rather tinhatty, don't you think? Shades of "New Line is hiding our gay!"

Oh really. /Mr. Burns pointy-steeple hands

When I first read the blind item a while back (I'm addicted to blind items, I can't help it - it's like a big abstract crossword puzzle) my antennae perked up until I read about the tabloid bit. Then I wondered what tabloids Jared had been in, cause I didn't think he was a big enough name. I can only count one mention outside of fancircles that J/G were mentioned. Or that he'd be big enough (I made a pun!) to be a hit on TC's radar.

A small part of the J2 tinhatty side of me would like for this to be true just 'cause... well. Duh.
But I think a bigger part of me (both tinhat and not) would like for it to all be rubbish for a whole bunch of reasons.
I came to this conclusion after having to sit, stunned for a while as I wrapped my mind around the possibility of 1. that J2 could possibly be (have been) real and 2. that it was possibly over due to douchebaggery.

But I still have the attitude that J2 fic is just a dirty little secret we tinhats harbor about epic romantic love and the pretty boys involved in such. Logic says it's fantasy.
I'm not quite sure I'd be into it as much if I found out it was really real.
Okay, I would, but it would feel like actual RPS and I'm fine with it being non-R PS and all in our imaginations.Am I making sense?

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