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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Cause I will be spamming you all day
chris mens journal
Because I can't stop squeeing about last nite's ep....

screencap by ina_ami

I mean, come on...the mussed hair, the big eyes, the "Pweese Dean don't be dead" look on his face?

Angels need hugs too, ya know!

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(Deleted comment)

Poor Castiel...he's so confused, and taking orders is all he knows,and he just wants desperately for someone to give him an order he can follow. Gah!

And I'd love to dig into Cas's backstory more, unlike Ruby, whose backstory I could care less about.

My, my, someone is crushing hard! :)

Hee! Yeah, I was a fascinated enough before by the previous jobs and the hobbies and the "Threeways are cool with my wife and me" in regards to Misha, but yesterday's ep also turned me into a total Castiel fangirl.And it kinda revived my Dean love too!

I mean, it's pretty much sealed when I'm getting impatient during *Sam* scenes, going, "Yeah, yeah, whatever Sam Ruby fucking, drinking blood, who cares! We need to get back and see what Cas and Dean are doing!!"

Edited at 2009-03-20 05:14 pm (UTC)

Last night was fantastic. I LOVED EVERYTHING! I wanted to hug both Dean and Cas so much. I could get behind that FRIENDSHIP big time. ;)

This really was one episode where if Sam was in it for 40 seconds, I wouldn't have cared about his lack of screen time!

Misha just knocked it out of the park, and last nite was the first time in a while I actually *felt* Dean's pain, instead of rolling my eyes at his emo manpain tears. He needs to open up to Cas more, and I can totally get behind the two of them as a team.

And poor Cas! I hope Dean can look past his own pain in the future here for a minute and realize that Castiel is actually *living* Dean's greatest fear--his brother turning on him/betraying him.

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