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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I'm still on overload from all the Castiel goodness of last nite's ep (even though I'm seeing people bitching that there was too much Castiel, which is boggling to me. It was about time Castiel stepped up to get a larger role in all this!)

And then I see this cute little interview this morning which fueled the squee even more. There are spoilers in the beginning, spoilerphobes, but I think if you turn the volume down for the "The Road So Far" part and wait until the part titled "Behind the Scenes" to turn it up, you'll be OK. In the BTS part, he talks about filming a scene, but there aren't any storyline comments in there--just stuff about it being raining and cold and he got sick, and how he's starting to get a taste of what the workload is like for Jensen and Jared. So I wouldn't call those spoilers. Oh, and that Jensen and Jared make fun of him all the time. LOL!

At the very least, watch the last part, the True/False section, and let Misha tell you all about sleeping in an igloo! How has he done so much stuff in his life? Damn!