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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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This secret at SPN Secrets had me LMAO
chris mens journal
Cause, really...it's funny!

Hee! I mostly am cracking up how they've set it up with Jensen being all Mr. Lonely Hearts and looking for someone to ease the pain of it, Jared being conflicted about his supposed inner gay, Gen being confused as to what "beard" means....

And Misha just toodling along oblivious to the whole Melrose Place/90210/Gossip Girl/Bold and the Beautiful story going on around him, with Jensen shooting him the desperate "Heal my mainpained heart" looks and Jared shooting him the "DON'T TOUCH MY MAN...ahem, and by man I *mean* my manly looking girlfriend, Gen" looks(cause seriously, could they have used a pic where Gen looks more like a man in a wig? I don't think so.) That part cracks me up the most, I think.

I don't read slash or RPS, but I think I would probably totally read that story. LOL! As long as nobody gets what they want in the end, except for Misha stealing all the fangirls. LOL!

Oh, an in tribute to the soapiness of the whole story, some random person would have to wander around in the scenes shouting "RIIIIICCCCCKKKKK!" on occasion. ;)

ETA: For the record, I don't think *anything* in that secret is actually going on. I just think it's funny that someone spun such a complex tale, and then I had to go and embellish it! LOL!

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It *is* so ridiculous that it's funny, definitely. Though it bugs me that people are all "Jared is canceling cons cause he doesn't want to talk about Gen", cause uh...it really doesn't work like that.

it's so funny! :) yeah, Jared has canceled NJ and eyecon and jenny has not sign up for them, but Jay sign up to asylum where jenny sign up first :D

I was gonna comment about you most posting something about Misha..then I scrolled down and saw him in the secrect...lol

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