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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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So, let's talk about Misha's poetry....
chris mens journal
Before I go to bed!

It's odd, because reading "Baby Pants", I had a totally different feeling from the poem than I did after hearing Misha read it. Reading it myself, it didn't sound so wistful--like the last line, when Misha was reading it, felt much more sad to me than when I was reading it myself. Like reading the text, it just felt observational, maybe quizzical? Hearing Misha read it made me feel like he was at the end describing a situation he felt he'd never have and was regretful. Does that sound stupid?

Or, am I just showing that I know nothing of poetry? I totally failed poetry class, ya'll. I'll just say that up front. Much props to people who can write it, I can not.


Baby Pants by Misha Collins

This morning I drive across town for a friend

To Justin’s house on a Saturday at 9.

His wife yells from under wet hair

Belt unbuckled


He’s down in the office

And I sit—collapse on the new couch

Custom made, brown and squarer than a couch should be.

Justin’s baby produces baby pants for my inspection.

I’m impressed, he can find his own pants now.

Can’t put them on, but knows

They go

On his baby legs.

And there I am

With my friend’s family

On a weekend morning.

The mother holds an envelope

In her teeth

Hoists and struggles

To pant her boy.

I’m slouching and hot in my vest

My blue, down vest.

Thinking today was colder than it is.

Forgetting that fall in California

Is like summer back home.

Plastic diapers pack the thighs of tiny corduroys

The smell of Cheerios bloated and floating in milk

What have I missed?

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I really need to get my hands on a copy of this. I love poetry!

As for interpreting poetry, I think it's up to the individual reading it. It's all open-ended to me, which is what makes it beautiful. :)

That's true. I was looking at it more from the perspective of when the person who wrote it is reading it, that's kinda the interpretation you have to go with, ya know? Because they're gonna read it the way they meant for it to be interpreted, I guess.

It was just interesting to me because it didn't seem like a sad poem when I first read it, and then when I heard Misha read it I was like, "Oh...it sounds so sad and regretful!"

So now I'd be interested in hearing him read his other published poem, just to see if the same thing happens. Although, his other poem already is kinda sad...maybe he'd come out and read it all happy and stuff and make it sound completely different! LOL!

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